Another Boost to the Quantox Team!

Proud to announce that our team has received another reinforcement! We are introducing Marko Nikolić – the New Head of Finance at Quantox.

With many years of experience in various senior positions and expertise in the financial sector, Marko brings a unique set of skills. He is highly creative, innovative, and well-versed in the latest financial trends and strategies.

His passion for finance and enthusiasm for achieving results and high goals make him the perfect person for this position at Quantox. With his expertise in the financial sector, Marko will bring fresh ideas that will help the company develop and grow even more.

What are the expectations, and what is the biggest challenge in working in an international IT company like Quantox?

My primary expectation is to grow professionally together with the company. The biggest challenge of working in a large company like Quantox is coordinating activities with many colleagues from several countries.

In what way will your experience contribute to Quantox in further business?

My experience is complementary to colleagues from the finance sector. I expect that it will contribute to the realization of new initiatives, such as, for example, the implementation of the new budget.

The events of the last few years have led to sudden turbulence in the global market. We see them even today, and they are, to some extent, the cause of changes in how many IT companies work. In your opinion, which strategies of financial adaptation to such changes have given good results, and which could be applied in Quantox – bearing in mind the spread of the company over seven markets?

Quantox has a concrete and straightforward business model, and we should stick to it – “back to basics”!

This can be a competitive advantage in the current global financial trends and can be used in both cases – to expand in the markets where Quantox already operates and to win new ones.

How do digitization and accelerated development of technology affect the role and work of the financial sectors? Do methods and approaches change, and how?

In the Finance and Accounting sector, a sudden jump in the application of Business Intelligence tools for reporting to management and investors was noticeable in the previous years. As a result, CFO-s and their teams had to adapt and improve their reporting. Modern platforms and programs help them in these endeavors; technology is progressing and taking an important place, so constant adjustments are also needed in this sector.

Many factors influence decision-making, especially now. What are the biggest risks, and what are the biggest opportunities you currently see for Quantox’s business?

I believe that the current global situation on the market is simultaneously the biggest risk – it can lead to a decrease in demand for our services – but also the biggest opportunity to expand into new markets under more favorable conditions than before.

What is your main motivation and inspiration in business – what drives you again and again?

I like to innovate, propose and create new things, and constantly look for ways to improve and upgrade that creation.