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Award As Best Newcomer 2016 Goes to Quantox Technology

Even a quick survey of award sites online with a rudimentary Google search will show you that there is an avalanche of awards handed out each year to tech companies in every vertical of the industry. Some are from fly-by-night organizations that come and go only months after they are launched, others are from pay to play bloggers and organizations that lack credibility or require “sponsorship” funding before they are willing to shower their friends in meaningless accolades. However, there are also some serious tech journalists with a long proven track record for telling it like it is, and we are especially proud to be the winner of one of those awards in 2016.

quantox team with award
Quantox team posing with the award


So What Is Next?

Of course, Best Newcomer 2016 can also be a double-edged award. On the one hand, it validates a lot of what we are doing presently at Quantox and it spotlights the rapid growth of our company in a very competitive field. However, we also see it as an enormous challenge, because what we do and what we did are far less important to our clients than what we will do in the future as we continue to provide an award-winning level of expertise for their existing business ventures and new opportunities alike.

“We don’t have a giant trophy case in our office, or a section for awards on our website” explained Vuk, CEO of Quantox. “Instead we ask customers to check out The Quantox Portfolio of completed projects and to speak with our clients to get a true assessment of our abilities and a full understanding of the competitive advantages we provide every time we are hired to deliver solutions for your business. Awards are always nice… but in the end, it’s always our real world performance that counts the most.