Company Bstorm Becomes Part of Quantox Technology

Quantox Technology conducted its first acquisition in the domestic IT market

We are expanding our strength and knowledge!

We ended the previous year stronger than ever! Bstorm, a Belgrade-based “product boutique” company, with focus on mobile app development, has become part of the Quantox team. 

In the past 6 years, Bstorm has created digital products and platforms for startups and gained significant experience in development of digital products, from listening to the market to the final launch. Among the clients they have worked with are big brands such as Coca-Cola, Red Star, Deloitte, Erste Bank etc. 

They are especially proud of the project which led from a successful pilot app to a whole new marketing tool and channel for clients, with great content and functionality. More than two million users in 5 countries and No.1 place at App Store only further confirmed the quality of work of the Bstorm team. 

“We have been successfully cooperating with Bstorm for years and we know their expertise and commitment. By merging our companies, experience and specific knowledge of our new colleagues will strengthen our team even more, especially in development of mobile applications. This is the first acquisition in a row that we believe will bring additional quality to the company. Although it is the first one, we do not plan to be the only one because 2022 will bring us two more new acquisitions”, says Filip Karaičić, CEO of Quantox

Values unite. Knowledge connects. When, until yesterday two companies merged their slogans, additional confirmation that we are on the same mission was evident –  from Developing Ideas to Ideas made possible.  

“We see joining a large and stable company like Quantox as an opportunity for our people to learn about procedures and work in a big system, share experience within an international team and work in different industries.  We get the stability and support of a successful company and the opportunity for developers to continue to strategically build their knowledge”, says Vukašin Marković, CEO of Bstorm

The year of 2021 was a year of big steps – we opened 4 new offices in 3 countries, the team continued to grow and now we have 400 people working in 13 development centers. 67 young colleagues who completed the internship program joined us and this is only the foundation for the future we want to build. This year we have two big projects ahead of us – the start of Quantox Academy and Start-up Accelerator!

For those who have business ideas and want to go step further, we are preparing a Start-up Accelerator as a platform that will provide support in knowledge, professional guidance and a chance for good ideas to become something more. 

“We are trying to take a step forward in all fields. Bstorm’s experience and knowledge in product creation and development will give additional value in further growth of our projects and stronger expertise”, concludes Karaičić.