Ćuprija HUB

With the opening of the jubilee 10th office in Ćuprija, Quantox returned to the place where its first business ideas were born. As we like to say, we returned home. 

Our office is perfectly designed and arranged so that 40 people can work undisturbed. There are separate offices for meetings and break rooms with refreshments. We are fully aware of the fact that the global pandemic has changed the way of work and that many of us, regardless of the type of job, have to work from home. We are also aware that, on the other hand, many people simply don’t have proper conditions to finish their duties in that way. Therefore, we want to offer our premises to all those who need an adequate workspace.

It is time for Ćuprija to get its own HUB, a corner for independent work.

If you need a change of your workspace, or you lack proper office conditions, write to us at [email protected].  All benefits will be available to everyone who is interested in using Quantox Hub. Safety measures due to coronavirus are essential and they will be strictly respected.