Getting Ready for Our Big Debut

It has been an exciting few months here at Quantox. We have been working around the clock preparing for our big, OFFICIAL, debut in January and as we put the finishing touches on our site and start gaining a following, we could not be more excited about what we have in store for you.

For too long, companies and individuals looking to build a professional and impactful web presence have been confronted with headaches and hardships by developers and designers who claim that they “can do it all.” The truth of the matter is, without proper education and experience in any sector of the web development field, and very little accountability, you cannot claim to be an expert at anything and the best designers prove not to be the best programmers, the best programmers not the best designers and so on and so forth.

Quantox is PROUD to be the only company in the space that provides its clients a full spectrum of talented designers, programmers, copywriters and everything in between. We have spent lots of time and poured many a resource into putting together a company that REALLY CAN DO IT ALL and for what would cost you a fraction of the cost of an in house staff…but with the same commitment of a full time employee.  We cannot wait to provide that for your company.

We look forward to what is ahead and thank you all for your patience in getting this fully out there on the right note.

January cannot come soon enough … look out for our company name in the news and more details coming soon!