Have You Met Our COO Vlad???

If you haven’t seen it yet, our very own COO Vlad was interviewed and featured in an industry journal this month! We could not be more proud of him representing our company and have excerpts of the interview here for your reading pleasure!

So Vlad, what’s your story?

Well, we started in online business 10 years ago and worked on our own affiliate programs, blog networks, sites, etc. There was total three of us so we were handling everything from design and development, to marketing and invoicing. That being said it was exhausting, and capitalized on all of our time – a small sacrifice to build a company from zero to success. After selling our first affiliate program, we had an opportunity to hire our first employees and invest further in different projects. We had to change our business model and adjust over time, to find the right combination that worked best. And we found it in Web development. Our expertise and experience gained over the years perfectly matched with the services we are offering through Quantox. Now, 10 years later, we are one of the fastest growing companies in the regions our headquarters are based, employing over 100 programmers with different skill sets offering a vast variety of services such as Web design and development, native mobile apps, content writing, project management, QA, etc.

What is the best thing you’ve learned by working in the tech industry?

I have learned that the best and most successful companies work together to make the best things happen. Even collaborating with your competitor can lead to really great and lucrative ventures. This industry is also ever evolving and so it has taught me (and the people within our company) to always stay current, relevant and ensure that we are oftentimes ahead of the curve. The industry and its progressive nature as well as its entrepreneurial spirit has taught me that you can make almost any dream a reality especially if you stay committed, dedicated and forward thinking with your goals.

Let`s move on . Funny part here. Tell us something that’s true, but almost nobody agrees with you on.

That 9 times out of 10 it makes more sense for a company to outsource the bulk of their development that try and do it in house. I cannot tell you how many times we have had individuals and companies come to us for a bid only to decide that they would rather hire someone off of Craigslist or another job board to do the task. It is nearly impossible for someone who has not been trained in the ecommerce space to come in and build what these people need and sure enough, they come to us months later with thousands of dollars and endless time wasted and garbage code. Outsourcing companies like ours know how to do a handful of things and we do it better than anyone so we cost less both in time and money and we back all of our work 100%. Just because we aren’t sitting in your office, doesn’t mean we are working any less.

Who is your business role model, and why?

Is it cliche to say Sir Richard Branson? He is a visionary, a leader, and an exemplary citizen. He has built empires when people told him he wouldnt be able to do it – he has defied odds and challenged himself by pursing various markets and businesses. He is someone I look up to.

Where do you see the live streaming/broadcasting industry within the next 5-10 years?

Good question. I think it is going to become so interactive that it is going to feel frighteningly REAL. Its going to feel like the people behind the cameras are in your home. I am particularly excited because, while I cannot share the details of the who or the what, we are currently working on some very advanced development for one of todays top streaming companies and this is going to pioneer the next era of in home entertainment.

Do you have a message for Awards participants, partners and potential partners?

I applaud you. The business is a hyper competitive one and it takes the best, most dedicated executives and teams to make it work. We love being part of making companies thrive and we hope that whether you have a small site you need made or a major technological need that you are confronted with that you will think of Quantox as your trusted development and design partner.