Another Big day for the Quantox family – the Grand opening of the New Belgrade Office!

In Quantox, we think that our employees are an essential ingredient of our success, so we are aiming to provide the best conditions for them! We share the opinion that working in the best possible surroundings, with all the elements one modern IT office should possess, is the way to get the best professional results from your people, so, we are aiming to provide everything above-mentioned.

That’s why this is a really big thing for us, and we are more than proud to announce that we have officially opened a brand new office in Belgrade. Our Belgrade crew is now able to enjoy the completely new office and it is more than amazing! Our new and modern place is everything one developer can ask for and it is specially adapted for each team we have. We are all enjoying all the benefits of our office, which is in Krfska 26, Belgrade, and how the party that we threw for this occasion went down, you can see it the video below. Cheers.