Just a Week Left Until Demo Day

September has arrived… which means QLab is entering its final stage!

After little more than three months of intensive training, lectures and workshops, the teams are entering the final stage of developing their ideas and preparing for the Pitch Demo Day – presentation of their startup ideas!

There’s only one week left for QLab teams to add the finishing touches to their projects and prepare them for Demo Day when we’ll find out whose idea will receive a grant prize for further development!

In just 13 weeks, our QLabers made it from idea to an MVP, all with the help of the Quantox team, developers, and many guest experts and workshops that gave them the knowledge they needed to transform their projects.

And which workshops exactly helped our QLabers develop their digital products? 

  • ‘’Business Model’’ with Dušan Vukanović
  • ‘’Innovation fund Presentation’’ with Dušan Karan
  • ‘’Customer discovery’’ with Patrick Collins 
  • ‘’Legal Basics’’ with Ivan Nonković and Nikola Kliska 
  • ‘’Financial Basics’’ with Christoph Berndt 
  • ‘’Group Pitch Workshop’’ with Peter Bruner

With expert help from their mentors, the QLabers gained indispensable business knowledge that will help them further develop their ideas. And now that they know why marketing is essential, how to determine the target audience and what the most critical aspects of team management are, they are ready to show their innovations and tell us all the ways their innovations could shape the future.

The success of the first QLab Accelerator Program was guaranteed from the start, judging by the number of applications received and overall interest in the program since its conception. The fantastic atmosphere and support from Quantox Technology and mutual support between QLab teams became the trademark of QLab – a practice we hope to continue for many years to come.

Demo Day will be held on Friday, September 16.2022, at Quantox office in Belgrade, and we’ll announce the winning team of the QLab Accelerator Program on the same day. We are waiting impatiently for team presentations and the first generation of QLab innovations. 

We wish our teams the best of luck in the upcoming event. The choice of the winner will certainly not be easy among such high-quality ideas and it is only certain that the nuances will be decisive.