Quantox Summer Practice

Quantox Technology, more precisely our office in Kragujevac, enabled students to finally verify acquired theoretical knowledge in practice! What was it actually about?

Well, we decided to allow students to compete against each other, in the areas for which they are educated. Namely, the students were divided into groups (teams) and the task was to create the QuantoXO application, using the most modern technologies such as LaravelEcho, Angular and Socket.io. and similar. Each team had the ability to independently determine all the applications themselves, from design to functionality, and the ultimate goal was that the user of the application has the ability to play the XO online game against the partner he chooses.

This way, we wanted to bring students closer to how a real working day looks like, to give them the chance to feel the pinpoint of the atmosphere in the office and to get a glance of things that are in front of them. We have to emphasize that the teams had their mentors, who were always available to them, but all the freedoms in the creation of the application were left to the students themselves.

After two weeks, the presentation of the completed applications and selection of the best team followed. The presentation was held for all our employees in Kragujevac, after which they all voted for the best application using different criteria. The best team, of course, brought a valuable Quantox award home!