Meet the QLabers: #1 ANA, Marketing Specialist @ Quantox Technology

Some start the day with a coffee, Ana starts her day with – “And what about this idea…. “

As part of the Quantox marketing team, she loves strategies and finding ways to carry them out. You can always expect plenty of ideas from her, and the launch of QLab allowed one of them to really get special attention. Her idea is described as innovative, promising, and with a high chance of success. The whole team will work intensively on development over the next 13 weeks, and the QLab program will help them through lectures and workshops,

QLaber #1, Ana, says about this endeavor:

“The idea has been around for years.

It came from observing the closest environment and the need that I also noticed as a customer and someone who loves homemade, handmade products and nature.

For me, Qlab means a very unique opportunity and support in the realization of an idea that brought together a whole team of five people with a strong desire to invest their time and energy in this endeavor. We came together with different professional experience and knowledge – from strategists, and designers to logistics- but at this moment, concrete business knowledge is necessary and very useful for us in order to develop a good product and communicate our shared values ​​through it. 

The first workshops have already had a significant impact on how we will further develop and shape the initial idea.

The teams in the Qlab program are very inspiring, we are having so much fun and we’re also sweating underneath the pile of new information and tools, but above all, we see this process as a growing plant, an imagination that takes shape and a new experience for all of us.

A great chance to look at the idea from the business point of view and different perspectives, and we are really looking forward to getting useful and valuable knowledge and connecting with people. “