Meet the QLabers: #2 TOMISLAV, Senior Backend Programmer @ Quantox Technology

Finding your place in the IT industry is not easy. Before you become a programmer, tester or developer, you need to choose a programming language and technology in which you will grow further. On that path, you may encounter many challenges and difficulties.

Tomislav, Senior Backend Programmer at Quantox Technology, has recognized this problem and developed something that will facilitate the learning process in the IT industry for many.

His idea got the chance to be developed further during the next 13 weeks in the QLab program. Tomislav and his wife, who is also a programmer, make the team that represents this innovative idea, and this “IT” couple will have the opportunity to upgrade their concept with essential knowledge through workshops and lectures. 

And this is what QLaber #2, Tomislav, has to say about this experience:

“Given that I have been involved in education in IT for 5 years, primarily mentoring, I realized that it is extremely difficult to find an adequate person who will help you learn a certain language, technology or simply choose the path in IT that you want to follow. That’s where our idea was born, to make that process easier and simpler.

The biggest challenge for us is that we didn’t know how to reach our audience, is there really a need for such a platform and how to put all the pieces together – where to learn about business, what to do about marketing, how to plan our features… Although we had already started programming our platform, we did not have a clear vision of where it was going, we were scattered in many directions, too many ideas, too many priorities.

One day I saw an email that was related to QLab, and at first I didn’t think our idea was too interesting, but we decided to apply anyway. We realized that QLab is a great opportunity for us to shape an idea and realize it – an excellent chance to work with world experts and learn about all the steps necessary to bring the idea to market. The biggest obstacle for us was precisely the fact that we are both programmers and we know very little about marketing, business, UX… At the first lecture of QLab, we were already introduced to the experts with whom we will work, knowledge we will acquire and what we can expect next months.”