Meet the QLabers: #3 VELJKO, Senior Frontend Programmer @ Quantox Technology

As a software solutions enthusiast, Veljko, a Senior Frontend Programmer from Quantox Technology, already has a long list of ideas that could be very successful with good planning and implementation. One of them will be developed further through the QLab program, and in the next 13 weeks, workshops and professional lectures held by QLab experts will show Veljko and his team how to realize it.

Here’s what QLaber #3, Veljko, has to say about his idea and the QLab program:

”The idea arose out of necessity. I love solving problems through software, and this time I saw an opportunity to develop an app that would make it easier for people to shop.

Unfortunately, shortly after the launch, through detailed market analysis, we noticed a huge risk from the competition, and we thought about abandoning the idea. But we managed to redirect ourselves and find inspiration that led us to a new idea with even greater potential. So it was conceived as my thought, but now it’s more than that and it’s constantly changing.

I found out about QLab through emails. It definitely intrigued me because shortly before the first Qlab mail arrived I started jotting down ideas that I think are valuable but don’t have time to implement. Initially, I didn’t want to share my idea because I thought it was too good and someone might steal it. Now I know how wrong that was and I realized that the idea should be shared as soon as possible because feedback is the key. That’s exactly what I expect from QLab – support and the opportunity to access the startup world.

Working in IT, I’ve met a lot of hard-working, smart, and good people whom I now call friends. In my team is my good friend and co-founder, Uroš Anđelić, a backend developer focused on Node.js. We have been friends for many years, and considering that we both work on opposite sides of web technologies, it was logical to join forces and finally collaborate.”