Meet the QLabers: #4 MILOŠ, Senior Full-Stack Programmer @ Quantox Technology

Miloš, our Senior Full-Stack Developer, is one of the participants of the QLab program who will develop his idea in the next 13 weeks. The program is designed to offer valuable knowledge through expert lectures and workshops that will help Miloš and other QLabers to shape their idea and transform it into MVP (minimum viable product).

And here’s what QLaber #4, Miloš, has to say about his idea and QLab adventure:

‘’As someone who often has the need to praise someone’s work, product, or service, I haven’t come across a digital service that would allow me to do such a thing in a way that my opinion always reaches the right address. 

My submitted concept for the QLab program was born from this starting point.

The idea sat in a drawer for some time and due to lack of time, it did not progress into serious realization. And then Qlab appeared through an internal call within the Quantox group. Knowing what this kind of program offers, I immediately went back to that drawer.

I knew I would apply. There were no more excuses and I was ready to commit to it. I wanted to use the opportunity to realize my idea through such an organized program. I expect support from QLab in all segments of developing an idea and starting a business, and this is something that will help me a lot. First of all, workshops about idea verification are very helpful and facilitate the development itself, while marketing and sales workshops help us reach the first clients.

The team consists of me only, however, the support of my closest colleagues and friends is not missing, so the moment when we all start working on this together is fast approaching”