Meet the QLabers: #5 OLIVER, Frontend Programmer @ Quantox Technology

As someone who has been working and finding himself in different areas, Oliver’s path also led him to the IT sector, where he realized that he could and wished to realize the ideas from other spheres as well. Today a FrontEnd Developer at Quantox, Oliver is one of the selected team leaders who will develop their start-up ideas through the QLab program until September.

QLaber #5 Oliver, about his idea and QLab adventure, says:

“The idea is not from yesterday and I believe that it is only one of many that I will discuss with the people at QLab, who are exactly the ‘link in the chain’ that I have always been looking for. Lack of support, funds, time… All these are parameters that have influenced various ideas not to become realized projects.

When I accepted the open hand from the QLab people, I realized that those problems are behind me. The people from Quantox, first of all, gave me a chance to find my place in the IT industry, and then, through Q-Lab, they are helping me express my potential and develop my idea into a serious ‘story’ that, I hope, will become successful. 

From the very beginning, we are learning about marketing planning, investments, and attracting audiences… Furthermore, there are experienced experts who teach us how to become leaders and introduce us to the small secrets of organizational work.

Reaching the goal is not easy at all without the right team, so, even though I am running the project alone at the moment, I think that my team consists of all the people working on this project. Many of them have become my good friends during the last few months, and the daily conversations and exchange of opinions with them help this ‘brainchild’ grow and develop in the best possible way.”