Meet the QLabers: #6 ĐORĐE, Backend Programmer @ Quantox Technology

Đorđe was one of the 100 interns that got the opportunity to join Quantox last summer and has been working as a backend programmer ever since. His colleagues know him as a hardworking guy who’s always smiling and has a great personality, but it turns out Đorđe has an innovative streak as well. Now he can set his innovative spirit free within the QLab program where he will have a chance to develop his idea further over the course of the next 13 week.

Let’s see what the last, but not the least, QLaber #6, Đorđe, has to say about his QLab experience:

‘’I don’t remember how I got the idea, but my best guess is the environment. Seeing people sharing their love for pets again and again and building a caring community can inspire great things. It was a relatively new idea, and the first thing I realized is that I don’t have time to commit to it and that it might have to wait. 

The initial email about QLab didn’t strike me at first, but the buzz about QLab kept going and it finally came to me that I should apply. The main motive is a realization that QLab would see the idea through and significantly improve the chance of success. 

The workshops are very useful since we are introduced to relevant content in a targeted manner. I am in a team with one other developer and through the program, we get support from colleagues from different areas from Quantox. It is especially important to me that I am not going through this alone but with my colleagues from the program. We share the same or similar goals, we support each other, the atmosphere is fantastic and it’s a great way for us all to progress.

Getting into QLab energized us in a few different ways, it is an opportunity to grow and build something nice. For us, QLab is all about the journey and the destination at the same time.’’