Transforming Quantox’s Managed IT Services with Dušan Milojević

New Head of Managed IT Services opening new paths and opportunities for Quantox

Quantox is dedicated toward providing organizations with a solution for system monitoring and management that will help dispose of the break-fix approach. As a managed IT services provider, we aim to simplify IT management for other companies efficiently and affordably.

Dušan Milojević has the expertise and experience to make Quantox a leading managed IT services vendor in Europe, implement new IT technologies and build worldwide-applicable solutions with his team.

From Microsoft to Quantox – can you describe your career journey and what does it mean for you to further develop your expertise at Quantox?

I started from the university and Microsoft Academy, and then went through the positions of Consultant, Developer and Analyst. Right now my official role means leading three different teams for the implementation of various products. The biggest challenge for me to get the company as a leading vendor for managed services as Quantox is for custom development.

What are the goals of the managed IT services department and what do those goals bring to the overall business process of Quantox Technology?

The goals of the managed IT services department are to accumulate as much expertise and projects from various vendors like Microsoft, Salesforce, even IBM, and Oracle. The people in our department and their work are very strongly connected, no matter which team they depend on. 

In the future, Quantox will expand its business areas and build solutions that can be implemented worldwide. So, the power this department gives to the company is being able to cover all needs that come from one customer. Custom development and managed services have a great tendency to work well together and bring new opportunities to each other.

After the first month at Quantox, what are your impressions?

I’m thrilled to be a part of Quantox. At the moment, I’m still trying to get all procedures lined up and getting to know the on-boarding team members while working with other colleagues on our first potential projects.

Why would a company need managed IT services and what parts of its environment would Quantox’s managed IT services department look after?

Companies in some sectors, like Fintech and Telco, use more than fifty systems in their daily business. All of those need to be integrated into one place, and that’s where we come in – we can fully cover all these processes with our team. Having a corporation as a client is a great opportunity that can lead us to long-term partnerships.

The IT industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving and at the moment we have many new technologies present at the scene. In your opinion, can those new technologies be implemented in the processes and what benefits would that bring?

Of course, we need to follow all new approaches and technologies. From the last conference in Munich, I’ve realized that we can integrate PowerApp with Business Central as an app that can be the solution for warehouse management with fewer costs instead of building the app by itself from scratch. We also plan to get RPA (robot process automation) part of the integration team and start working with machine learning. Quantox’s managed service department is pretty good at keeping up with the latest technology trends.

What do you think is the most interesting part of your job, and what are some of the biggest challenges Quantox managed IT services department may be faced with?

The most interesting things about working in Managed Services will be the projects and the possibility of having a proven team working for one of the biggest customers in their branches globally. However, the biggest challenge will be to put Quantox on the managed services market for this part of Europe which is our goal for the next two years.

What is your main drive, motivation, and inspiration in business – what drives you over and over again?

What drives me forward is having new opportunities on a daily level – new employees, technologies, countries, projects, and approaches. I also firmly believe that people can improve their skills only if they step out of their comfort zone, which is what my team and I are doing right now.