November 1st and 2nd are reserved for Ad Tech conference and Quantox will be there!!!

In our line of business, we have really interesting parts, and one of the most interesting is definitely visiting countries and attending different conferences. This time, our team will be a part of one of the most important post-advertising era events, the AD Tech summit in, the Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, and we can’t wait for this event to begin!


The Post-Advertising Era is driven by technology, and we want to be sure that we are plugged in the best tools in the world right now. The demand for personalized, meaningful engagement has inspired a new wave of marketing strategies backed by a powerful array of technology platforms. This shift is the focal point of the Post-Advertising Era, where creative use of technology will push your business ahead and deliver exceptional customer experiences. In the Post-Advertising Era, innovation drives action. All these and much more are reasons why we are attending Ad Tech, and we strongly recommend you to do the same! See you in NYC!