Project 100 interns from Serbia empowered Quantox team with 67 great colleagues

We are stronger for 67 promising young colleagues who successfully completed a three-month mentoring internship through the project “100 interns from Serbia”!

For most of us, September is a symbol of new beginnings. For the Quantox team, September happened earlier. Actually, it happened during summer, when we made a decision to organize an internship for a much larger group of people than ever before – a hundred. And the project has launched!

The interest in this internship was huge. We received more than 500 applications. Hours and hours of interviews with candidates, many lines of codes reviewed by our mentors and technicians. The entire HR team, together with recruiters conducted the whole process for internship start. When you have 100 people waiting for onboarding, it actually means that you have to organize the whole process – a totally new system of selection, interviews, equipment set-up, a new plan for mentors, monitoring of candidate’s work, evaluation process, adequate feedback, and final reports. Our mentors had a big, serious task in front of them. It took time to properly recognize and evaluate the commitment and potential of candidates, according to the given criteria. 


Kim Novak, group mentor


As a mentor during the internship, I had the chance to follow the personal and professional development of nine great people and programmers and I am delighted with their work and progress. They were very dedicated to the tasks and problems they encountered which resulted in doing much more in 3 months than we had originally planned. It makes me very happy that most of them joined our company and I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with them on real projects.

The amount of effort that a project like this really requires has given us excellent results. After three months of training, the Quantox team has gained 67 great, promising young people. 


Danilo Markićević, intern


I am very satisfied with the internship and with the mentor as well. I think I really made significant progress because I couldn’t manage to learn all this in 3 months if I was learning alone. The mentor was great, with an excellent approach and always available for any question and help in solving tasks.

Potential is all around us, but the effort and strong teamwork are required to recognize it and guide it to the next level. We think that mentoring internship programs and the role of the mentor are the important bridge for young people in facing the real business environment and challenges in this kind of ever-changing industry. The new reinforcement of the team continues to work stronger with more intensive training. Serious tasks, individual approach, and commitment of experienced mentors will lead them even further to be ready for all real challenges the IT market brings today.

New colleagues, welcome aboard!