Quantox Bronze Sponsors The Awwwards Digital Thinkers Conference

During a unique two-day event in Los Angeles, California, attendees will be able to meet with and engage thought leaders in the fields of design and development. These are the digital dreamers and digital masters who are making the entire online experience evolve toward trends they create with each newly completed project and Quantox is pleased to be involved as a Bronze sponsor of the entire event!


“There are a lot of shows and events that start up strong but fizzle out quickly due to a lack of key contributors, and Awwwards is demonstrating its long-term strength by bringing in many of the top people in their respective fields, ” said Vuk of Quantox.com. “It’s quickly becoming a show that is well-respected and known internationally for delivering useful information and direct access to the people who see beyond what is happening right now, with an eye toward what will be happening in the near-term and distant future. That kind of forethought saves brands a lot of money and allows us to help our clients future-proof their content so that their new website remains effective far longer. I’m excited about this year’s show.”


More information about the event is available via their official website at https://conference.awwwards.com/ and we look forward to meeting with you at our table, or online ahead of time to arrange specific arrangements. See you there!