Quantox Ćuprija – First Successful Year

Quantox Ćuprija, the youngest Q place in Serbia, really had an exciting first working year.

A year ago, we opened our jubilee tenth office. Quantox’s first business ideas were developed in the city of Ćuprija, so the foundation and further development of an expert team from Ćuprija was a kind of symbol of returning home. 

A lot of things happened in this first year. Internships, progress, team buildings, socializing, and getting to know each other. We started with one employee, but with the dedicated work of our mentors and intensive training, we soon reached the number of 13 employees who, today, make a unique team that makes further advances. Quantox offices in different cities in Serbia are the flywheel of IT decentralization that we have always strived for. This was recognized by experts from Ćuprija, who decided to work and further build a professional career in their city. 

The Quantox crew from Ćuprija is so specific. In a time when the hybrid model is highly desirable, our colleagues gladly choose office work. As they say, such a positive atmosphere simply drives them, and, although they can, they do not work from home. People also like that each of the colleagues has their field of expertise so you know exactly who to ask for a solution for certain problems. The mentors were extremely helpful to interns in adopting a wide range of information, necessary for independent work. Overall, a great start for young developers and for those who intend to be successful in the IT world. 

This team continues to expand intensively. The internship in the past year was in full swing and it was completed with great success. Today, interns are part of the team and more experienced colleagues have continued to work with them through a new, internally developed, Junior to Medior program. 

Internal programs, as well as further engagement of experts on new, modern projects, are long-term goals of growth and progress of the Ćuprija office in the future.