The Quantox Foundation is donating humanitarian New Year’s presents

Holidays are a time of happiness and joy!
Everyone deserves to be happy and we decided to help make it so.

That is why the Quantox Foundation, with the help of our team, prepared 600 New Year’s presents for the youngest members of our community all over Serbia:

1. novembar in Čačak, a school for children with special needs.
Zračak in Čačak, center for the provision of social protection services
NURDOR association in Kragujevac and Belgrade, which facilitates and beautifies the lives of children suffering from malignant diseases
An inn for children and youth in Belgrade that helps children from Belgrade streets grow up
Dusko Radovic Center in Nis, where children without parents live
Shelter for children “Safe children’s house” in Novi Sad, which provides shelter to vulnerable children
Center Veternik in Novi Sad, whose residents are children and young people with disabilities
– To the children who need it the most from Ćuprija in cooperation with the organization “Help a Friend”
– Special department of the elementary school “Živko Ljujić” in Nova Varoš

A year full of challenges and difficulties is finally behind us. It is the right time to think of those who are constantly dealing with these issues and help them feel happy and carefree.
It is the right time to share what we have for the sake of a higher goal.
Let’s show them that someone thinks of them and that they are loved, and let’s magnify the most beautiful time of the year together.


We invite you to join our action and donate for joy and love.
All money paid into the foundation’s account by December 25, 2020. for that purpose, will be used for the purchase of additional humanitarian New Year’s presents.

Foundation account number: 160-6000000765134-55
Recipient: Quantox Foundation, Episkopa Nikifora Maksimovića 31, Čačak
Purpose of payment: Purchase of humanitarian New Year’s presents.

The holidays are here, it’s time for magic! ❤️