Quantox is Empowering its Core Business Strategy with Nemanja Lazić

The top management team expands Quantox’s business scope with an experienced Chief Business Officer

We have an exciting new addition to the ever-growing Quantox Team! Nemanja Lazić, our newest member and a Chief Business Officer at Quantox, brings more than 20 years of results-driven experience in business operations, team leadership, and market engagement.

Quantox is no stranger to business acceleration, but with Nemanja Lazić driving us toward new markets and business opportunities, we are sure to empower the foundations of Quantox’s reputation and business. 

Can you say more about what the job of Chief Business Officer at Quantox Technology looks like and what segments of a software development company operations fall under this role?

Being at Quantox, in general, carries both fun and responsibility, as the company is not only local but also regional and has a marked tendency to take a Global footprint. We are already helping many businesses in scaling their technical and digital operations, and by saying that, we are willing to maintain the status of a reliable partner.

The CBO role needs to support this effort – in the end, business is at the center of any commercial operation where any exchange happens.

After the first week at Quantox, what are your impressions?

Quantox is a dedicated, responsible, and loyal company both to its partners and employees. This creates great value for all collaborating with us. Company culture is unique this way – I would say it has been a driving force for many years. Strong and honest relations bring trust, which is the foundation of any successful business.

Where there’s commitment and trust, success follows.

Even though you’re new to the organization, your business expertise in the IT industry is already strong. How do you foresee your strategy improving Quantox’s business operations and impacting Quantox in the long run?

I believe that many opportunities await us everywhere in the world. The thing is – no other business can operate with a fair amount of technology anymore, so someone needs to build it, create that new technology and then improve or maintain it. Software engineers and engineering knowledge are generally scarce, especially at a higher level of experience. Therefore, we are honed to help many companies with our organization and put and integrate our resources into partners’ success stories.

The technological development we are witnessing results in different innovations. How does digital transformation impact the traditional business models, and what this means for Quantox in the future?

In one sentence, it affects every single existing business more than we ever imagined. Companies that want to stay healthy, compete and earn their profits will have to either have technological components that will make them better than the others, or they will struggle to survive. For us specifically, this means we could be partners with many, where we could deploy our expertise and experience in favor of their success. 

What are the biggest challenges, in your opinion, for Quantox Technology at this moment?

We need to keep up with the excellent work we do as a company regarding scaling, both in the workforce and geography-wise. Even in the new normal of hybrid and remote work, I believe we need to be where our clients are. That is not an easy task to achieve, but we are doing it steadily and securely so far, which makes me happy.

What do you see as the main points for building successful collaboration, and what makes a solid foundation for a reliable business partnership? In which range can strong partnerships help improve the core business strategy and future goals?

Successful collaboration always comes with mutual understanding and honest communication. With these two components, trust is created, and when trust is achieved between people and businesses, there is nothing that can’t be done. 

What is your main drive, motivation, and inspiration in business – what drives you over and over again?

Nothing is more joyful than the feeling of accomplishment and a goal achieved. This comes as confirmation that effort was given, lots of hard work has been done, and everyone who participated has a reason to celebrate. However, this cannot be done alone, and the only possibility to have this done is through the integration of people in the team and team effort. This leads me to the conclusion – that working with the right people, the journey itself, is an inspiration and, therefore, motivation.