Quantox is opening a new office in Niš!!!

As we love to say, we are one fast-growing IT company and we do not plan to stop conquering the world! We will keep expanding and we are proud to announce that we have made one huge step towards that goal! On Monday, 28th of August, we are opening a new office in one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia, the city of Niš!

Nis inside photo 1024x584

Once called Naissus, this city has a long and rich history: it was a birth place of a famous Roman emperor Constantin the Great, it was also a Capital of Medieval Serbia and nowadays, it is the most important city of south Serbia. City sights are stunning, from the beautiful quay of the river of Nišava and mesmerizing middle age fortress to the modern downtown, Niš has it all. This is the reason why Quantox Technology chose Niš to be the place for our next office. Once again, we will be at a pretty attractive location, because our new office will be located on Vožda Karadjordja 80 address, the very center of the city! For all the interested folks out there, we have several open positions and you can find all the info about that our website.

Invest in yourself, invest in your future, became a part of Quantox Team! We are waiting for you!