From November 22nd to November 25 Quantox will be in Malta on Sigma iGaming Show

If you are looking for some exotic destination, Malta would be one of the countries you would search for first, right? But, what if you are looking for the best iGaming show in the world? I doubt you would type Malta, but, there lies your mistake! From 2014, the greatest iGaming show in this part of the planet is happening right there, in Malta.

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This year, the organizers of SIGMA, the iGaming show in Malta, are planning to amaze all attendees and we don’t doubt that they will succeed in their intent! From the begging, this show has one great quality – it gets better and better every single year! We are proud to announce that our team will take part in this show and that we will be there from 22-25th November! Quantox team is really looking forward to seeing Malta and all the surprises organizers have prepared for all of us. You still have enough time to get your ticket and visit this phenomenal event! See you there!