Quantox is organizing meetup about C++ program syntax

The Quantox team has something great to announce! We have decided to organize an unusual event, and the idea for all came from the desire and creativity of our members to create something new. Without further delay, we present you Ć ++ program syntax. The meetup will be held in our office in Belgrade at 18:00h, on September 11th.

As for the lecture itself, during the first part of the meetup, we will talk about the development of Webpack plugins, as well as the internal architecture of Webpack, which allows flexible extensibility of the build process by inserting new plugins. An example of a plugin for transpiling Ć ++ program syntax in Javascript syntax will be shown.


After the lecture, as part of the competition, there will be an award for the best Cyrillic code.

For the final, we prepared a panel discussion – Multiculturalism in the IT world.

This Topic will be discussed by Danijel Petrović from Quantox, Mladen Dulanović from Nordeus, Marko Gajić who comes to us from BStorm, Lazar Travica from MVP Workshop, led by the moderator – Filip Karaičić.

See you in Belgrade.