Quantox is organizing a new Meetup in Nis!

December is the time of the holidays and holiday atmosphere, but in Quantox we have something else to bear on this year. Namely, it is time for our new meetup, in Nis, and the topic of this meetup will be the introduction of WEBPACK, the tool used to create applications.


In this lecture, you will have the opportunity to hear what Webpack is, how it is used and what its use on the web. Then, the way it’s used with new generations of JavaScript and how this tool compiles the code. Also, we will show the implementation of the webpack on the project itself, but also compare it with other tools (such as Grunt and Gulp) and examine whether their combination is possible.

We are waiting for you in Deli area, street Davidova 2a, December 17, 2018. from 18:00. The entry is free and the application is required.