Quantox park

This year is especially significant for us. The focus of our interest is not only on the market, projects, and clients. One of the areas we are committed to is finding the best way to help local communities and the people who live in them and to be socially responsible. 

There are not many things that could be compared to the effect that nature has on people. The tendency to get closer to it is always there, especially when we talk about cities. It is an indisputable fact that trees in urban areas contribute to a better quality of life. They give us shade, purify the air, reduce solar radiation and provide a calming environment. Therefore, as part of the Quantox birthday week, we wanted to give Čačak one more park as a gift. In cooperation with the company, Posadi svoj hlad one hundred white ash seedlings were purchased. They will be planted in October on a predefined city site, so future generations could enjoy their shade. 

In this way, we want to point out the great significance of trees in urban areas and to contribute to the creation of future places for relaxation. 

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