Quantox Presents Fascinating Workshop at PHP Srbija May 27

Quantox is the leading Serbian IT and web development company that works with clients from leading companies all over the globe to give them sparkling and tech savvy web presences. We pride ourselves on being technologically savvy in every single part of web dev that they have a hand in, and we are particularly proud of our expertise in PHP programming. The company will have a presence at PHP Srbija, Serbia’s leading PHP conference. You will not only be able to meet with us there to get an idea of our expertise, we will also be putting on an incredible workshop that will demonstrate what you can do with the amazing Raspberry PI, a tiny computer that is often used to teach or learn programming.


The workshop is called PHP and IOT: Creating a Deployment Device, and will be taught by Ivan Ciric and Petar Slovic, two representatives from Quantox. The point of the workshop is to show you just how easy it can be to create such a device using basic and affordable technology and to lay the framework for those wanting to build more complex devices using PHP. It also shows the sheer power of PHP in these types of situations. Through the workshop, you can learn how to turn your Raspberry PI into a continuous integration server, and use an API in Laravel to command it. In this workshop, you can even turn your Raspberry PI into a motion sensor! This is part of the practical hands-on portion of the program, and there are also plenty of speakers and opportunities for networking at this event which will take place on May 27 and 28 in Zemun, near Belgrade in Serbia.


“We are excited to share our technological prowess with others, in order to further the industry as a whole,” Danijel Petrovic (CTO). “We hope to come to this conference again in the future since we’re committed to the local technology industry.” Quantox is the go-to company for people who need comprehensive web services, and once you attend this workshop or meet with them at the conference, you’ll easily see why.