Quantox Technology – A New Gold Sponsor of Fruska Gora Trail

Quantox Technology wants to become an active member of the community in which it creates. That’s why this year, we’ve become a part of a dream that started 45 years ago- the Fruska Gora Trail. We are proud to be a Golden Sponsor of one of the oldest hiking and ultra running marathons in Europe!

The 45th annual Fruska Gora Trail will last two days, from 07-08.05.2022, and it will include 19 trails of different lengths and height differences. Just 10km away from Novi Sad, the trail stretches along the forest belt of Fruska Gora, giving the participants a chance to enjoy many Serbian medieval monasteries like Novo Hopovo (14th century), Jazak (16 century), and Besenovo (8th century).

As a gold sponsor, Quantox Technology arranged pit stops along the trail, offering a relaxed environment for marathon spectators as they follow their participants’ progress.

Come and join us the second week of May and spend the weekend in good company! Fruska Gora Trail is calling- It’s your time to be a force of nature!