Quantox Technology at “NOU Fest 2019” in Cuprija. You can also be IT!

Based on our company doctrine and the process of decentralization of the IT sector, something that we strongly support, we are contributing to the information and education of secondary schools and faculty students in smaller cities whenever we have a chance! Fortunately, the events we can visit in Serbia are starting to grow in number, so we are proud to say that we are sponsoring and supporting one awesome manifestation in Cuprija.


This event, which is organized under the “7. Regional Fair of Education”, is entitled as an “NOU Fest 2019” and it is mostly made for the students of high schools and faculties from all over the country. In the two days of the event, numerous companies from the region will present themselves and the students will have an excellent opportunity to check how things in these companies work, which is the best way for them to choose a career and what they can do to achieve set goals. As mentioned above, Quantox Technology is one of the sponsors of the event, and we are open to sharing our experience and knowledge with all interested parties on Thursday, 14th of March, in the Sports Hall “Ada”, in Cuprija. See you there!