Quantox’s First Webinar About Data & AI

Are you wondering why data and artificial intelligence are so important for modern businesses and how your business can benefit from Data & AI implementation?

You can find out more about these burning topics within an online webinar hosted by Branko Kovač, our Head of Data & AI, who is speaking about “Why You Really Need Data and AI in Your Business” on 22nd November!

“AI is changing the way businesses understand both internal and external processes across a multitude of sectors. It is already transforming businesses across the world, regardless of size and scope. AI success is becoming the rule, not the exception”, says Branko Kovač

Branko has 10 years of valuable experience in Data Scientist positions, and he will help you understand the steps you need to take to start your AI journey.

“Gaining knowledge of how AI works is crucial for professionals across sectors, no matter where they work. If you are interested in applying AI in your organization, join us to hear more about the practicalities of AI from hands-on experience. This webinar will provide real-world examples of AI in action, dispelling the myths and focusing on the value it can drive“, Branko adds.

Do you know and realize that the road to AI is a journey and not a sprint?

Although AI technology is not new, it’s beginning to have a significant impact as businesses realize the potential and the possibilities of new Data & AI trends.

Save the date, reserve your seats, and join us!

We look forward to seeing you there!