QuantoxTech meetup Nis

Driven by the previous experience, comments of the people who attended and even the lecturers themselves, we have decided to repeat the event which went which passed pretty well the first time. Namely, Quantox Technology is organizing the second meetup in the office in Nis! Just like the previous time, you will have a great chance to meet the people and to learn awesome stuff about next topics:

BACKEND – Laravel Echo – “real-time applications” Notifications in a real-time have de facto become a standard in the development of the modern Web applications. In the sea of various solutions to implement this functionality, one has been set aside. It’s a very intuitive solution based on the stack: Laravel + Redis + Echo + Socket.io. During this lecture, we will present, through a practical example, a way to easily solve the various problems that you can encounter in implementing this functionality.

FRONTEND – “From web to mobile application with JavaScript” – Can JavaScript be a viable alternative to the development of classic mobile applications? What does the market currently offer on this issue, especially in situations where we already have a ready web application? We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of such an approach, and finally, we will show how it all looks on a live example using NativeScript and Angular 5.


  • The lectures will be held by our great colleagues Nenad and Nikola, followed by a time to get a know each other and relaxation with beer.
  • APPLICATIONS ARE OBLIGATE because of the limited number of places and you can sign up HERE!
  • We are expecting you on June 28 in Vožda Karadjordje Street 80, in Niš, at 18 o’clock!


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