Serbian IT Community for our Youngest!

The goal is not to win- it is to unite around that which is most important to us. 

The real victory lies in being Humane.

HIT CS: GO tournament became a tradition that gathers good people, awakens positive emotions, and leads to the most important result- uniting the IT community around a common goal. This year we wanted to play stronger!

More than 50 IT companies and 40 teams socialized and measured their strength last weekend in a well-known game Counter-Strike, and they did it for our youngest- maternity hospitals in Serbia.

Alongside all IT companies that responded, the whole community became more active when the common goal was announced- via a public poll, we needed to select the maternity hospital in Serbia that would receive this year’s tournament fund.

The collected fund of 2,2 million dinars will be donated to the maternity hospital in Priboj, which received the most significant number of votes out of more than 1,600 votes.

What’s slowly becoming a traditional humanitarian tournament is now gathering better teams each year. The matches are taking on a different tone and atmosphere where we are all united and winners. Great fights and socializing were also a feature of the HIT CS: GO vol.3 tournament, and the most successful teams were:

1. Vega IT

2. Codolis

3. HTEC Group

We thank all the companies that have joined us in enthusiasm, responsibility, and desire to give the youngest a better start.