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Saša Sladić, senior web full stack developer at Quantox, visited the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak last month and talked to students who are interested in further orientation, practice and employment in IT.

Saša presented his path and experience in education and career development which led him to become a senior programmer with 6 years of experience working on business projects with only 25 years.

From the retrospective of his education to the parallel between formal education in IT and the benefits of internship and work on specific projects for clients – these are some of the topics Saša talked to students at the Faculty in Čačak. Bearing in mind that he started working on real projects while he was still a student, what he especially pointed out to future IT professionals is mentoring support in the development process.

After the lecture, all students had the opportunity to ask Saša all questions they have and discuss topics of interest.

This is just one of the ways on which we want to expand the perspective and comprehension that young people can encourage to walk the path of IT, with the awareness of the challenges and opportunities along the way.

We believe that the learning process never stops.

In the following time, we are planning to visit faculties throughout Serbia and exchange experiences with students who want to learn the knowledge that matters in this industry.