See you in Ćuprija.

Quantox Technology is expanding its business to another location in Serbia – the tenth office in a row is opening in Ćuprija, which continues the trend of developing the potential of young people at the local level as well as local communities themselves.

Our presence in another city in Serbia represents a new business venture and challenge. The Quantox team is made up of young and ambitious people who have many years of experience in IT, and our goal is to strengthen our team with experts from Ćuprija who will have the opportunity to work on complex and large projects in their city, to become part of international teams, to further progress and improve. You can find open positions on our website and apply through it, or send a CV to [email protected]

Opening a new office is a good opportunity for everyone.

Anyone with initial theoretical knowledge in the field of programming will be able to apply and attend a 3-month internship program. Participants, together with our mentors, will receive and work on the right tasks, and the main goal of this practice is to move from theory to practical application and independent work.
You can send applications for the internship to the e-mail: [email protected]

Students of the Gymnasium in Ćuprija will have the opportunity to visit our offices, meet our people who will convey the atmosphere of what it is like to work in an IT company, work on projects, work in a team, all with the goal of giving high school students an insight into the IT profession.  This visit can help them to orient themselves professionally at the moment when they need to decide in which direction they want to continue their further education.

The grand opening of the office is scheduled for March 12. Welcome!

Quantox Tim