World Humanitarian Day – Quantox Foundation

Do right. Do your best. Treat others as you want to be treated.

Lou Holtz

For more than a decade, the Quantox team has been striving to do its best, in all fields. Small contributions, but significant for those who need the most. We tried to listen carefully to people’s needs and act in a timely manner. We don’t think about financial help. Student scholarships,  support in building houses, purchase of technical and medical equipment of crucial importance. Funds were provided for the treatment of elderly citizens and children and for bringing the holiday spirit for children without parental care. 

The year of the pandemic brought many temptations. It was a real test of adjustment and tolerance. But solidarity did not fail. People turned out to each other and were more than willing to help. We have managed to realize a long-desired dream – to put all our actions under the roof of one institution. The Quantox Foundation has officially started to work. All our humanitarian actions, which became even stronger, got their name. 

Our employees give us the greatest support in providing assistance to endangered and for Foundation work. Through active participation and voluntary donations, they’ve contributed to making everyday life way easier for many people. We managed to launch a Humanitarian CS:GO tournament in order to gather the whole IT community around one goal – a joint donation, vital at the time. Realization of that project simply was not possible without help from our people.

Although humanitarian work confronts you with the most difficult battles of life, when you have the right support, you manage to see those situations differently. You start to see terrible things as fight goals, people involved as heroes.  We celebrate life and overcome obstacles with whole families. 

We want to bring smiles to people’s faces. Each of us can contribute to someone’s better day in our neighborhood. Humanity is celebrated in the world once a year, but if you want, humanity can happen every day. A quiet, unobtrusive charity that is beyond measurable for the one in need. 

Do we all want a better, more beautiful world? Let us be the initiators of good deeds.