Quantox Technology

Perfect Fit

Augment workforce with diversely skilled professionals

Rapid changes in IT often demand flexibility, specialized skill sets, and quick product releases so a staff augmentation strategy could be a real game-changer.

In-house recruitment and hiring are time-consuming and costly in some cases thus staff augmentation comes as an efficient way to add specifically skilled developers on demand - at any point of the project's life cycle.

Whether you need to fill skill gaps, speed up project delivery or meet some other specific business goals, using staff augmentation gives you a much-needed boost in capacity and expertise. At the same time, you retain complete control over the project and processes.

Swifter Business Success With Staff Augmentation

It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. While it can significantly boost capacity, expertise, and much more, it is necessary to make proper analyses and find a reliable partner to benefit the most from this kind of collaboration.



     • Cost-Effectiveness
     • Better Control
     • Unhindered Project Flow
     • Swift Availability
     • Better Flexibility
     •Highly Specialized and Skilled Experts

Hire The Best IT Staff With The Right Skills

Leveraging staff augmentation, companies can swiftly address changing business and technological needs, especially when you are in the middle of complex software development and search for additional expertise.

Being highly experienced in searching and onboarding matching developers, the Quantox team is ready to give you support and tangible results – especially when you need a large number of specifically skilled people within a short period.

Proven record in various IT projects made a ground for claiming to be a trustworthy partner, providing know-how-backed input on your project needs. Your business can go even further with the tailor-made staff augmentation strategy which provides optimal scaling of your IT resources to reach the goal. We establish processes and methodologies to ensure the best fit – from analysis, through sourcing to onboarding and support. 

Contact us to fully profit from this cooperation model and expand your know-how.