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Bring your ideas to life with Quantox!

Let’s bring together all Quantox people with bright and innovative ideas!
Join the first internal QLab Accelerator program and get a chance to turn your ideas into a reality.

From an idea to product development in 13 weeks – this is the main concept of the Quantox Lab Accelerator program that will help transform your idea and give it a tangible shape. The most promising ideas will get the chance to develop all aspects of their start-up idea during this period of time. 

The best part is that Quantox Technology will be right there with you, every step of the way, offering help, knowledge, and guidance on how to create wholesome software from scratch! 


Who Can Apply?

All Quantox employees, regardless of seniority or office location, can send their applications and participate in the Quantox Lab Accelerator program. Furthermore, all interns and part-time employees, or anyone working under any type of contract with Quantox can apply to this program. 

The team that applies must have at least one team member that is a Quantox employee.

A maximum of 5 teams (ideas) will be selected.

The applications selected will in some capacity depend on the number of developers available to work on the ideas presented (Node React, React Native Mobile, PHP…).

We offer all-around Guidance


What brings your idea to life? We’ll share the knowledge and how-to’s in all aspects of development.


With our mentors and their guidance you’ll understand, in depth, what it takes to evolve your idea.


Patents, licenses and permissions? We’ll show you the ‘’other side’’ of the medal and ensure your idea meets all legal standards.


You will learn more about how to present your product and create a sub-part promotion pitch that sells.


We’ll provide you with a team of developers to build your product-2 FE junior developers, 2 BE junior developers, as well as support in design, devOps and QA.


Our support in Project Management will ensure your project development is running smoothly, giving you a chance to monitor development progress much more easily.


Our bonus financial support of 10.000 EUR is designed to provide a smooth start to the most promising candidate and their start-up idea.

The Power of Knowledge

‘‘The biggest takeaway from the QLab Accelerator Program is mentorship. It’s an opportunity to learn from those who’ve been there, done that.’’

QLab Accelerator is created for all the people who want to take a leap in the start-up community providing them with essential business and expert knowledge and guidance from experienced mentors from all core fields.

By developing ground-breaking ideas, QLab becomes a unique and innovative tech nest for those who want to learn more, do more and go beyond.

Application Process

How to Apply to QLab Program?

Step 1 - deadline 14.05.2022.

You’ll be able to apply your idea by filling out a simple form. In this form you’ll be asked to list your name, contact email, project name, and short description of your project idea.
You’ll also have a chance to attend a Short Presentation scheduled for 16.05.2022. which will help explain the process of QLab Accelerator Program as well as the actual application process in more details. Tick the designated box in the form below if you want to attend the Short Presentation.

Step 2

Candidates will receive an email with additional information, program details, and requirements.

Step 3 - deadline 25.05. 2022.

After you review the additional documentation, you’ll need to send your application once more, but now with a bit more details.

Step 4

In this step, all applications will be reviewed

Step 5

We’ll inform you about the results and which 5 teams (ideas) are moving to the next phase in the program.

Step 6

The Kick-off phase starts on 10.06.2022.

What's Your Big Idea?

Fill out the form below and give us a brief introduction to your project idea!

If you need more information about QLab Accelerator program, feel free to send an inquiry to [email protected].

Ready for the Kick-off?

The best teams will continue developing their ideas as they enter the Kick-off phase. We are determined to be there with you every step of the way and in any capacity, starting from week 1 and all the way to week 13.


In the discovery phase, we will help you determine your target audience, define buyer personas, monetization channel, sales pitch as well as type and size of development team and scope of work. You'll also have access to Swiss Entrepreneurship experts to help you with the customer discovery phase.


In this phase, your development is already in progress while we help you handle initial customer interviews.


As your idea takes shape, Quantox Technology will offer basic financial and fundraising lectures, investor pitch training, basic legal and customer targeting training.


Welcome to Demo Week. This whole week is dedicated to preparing for Demo Day when you’re going to present a business plan for launching your newly developed software to the expert commission. You’ll also be presented with an opportunity to present your product to the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia during Demo Week.

Week 13

Your idea is almost done, shifting into MVP (minimum viable product) and ready for target audience testing. In this phase, you’ll have an opportunity to attend advisory sessions with the expert Quantox core team members, after which you can start working on setting up the sales and marketing automation process.

Your Start, Accelerated With QLab

The most successful team will get a chance to win a 10.000 EUR grant - an investment intended for further development and marketing of the start-up idea.

The grant incisive is designed to help market the awarded product by covering the following expenses:

• Human resources expenses
• Equipment and supplies expenses
• Development tools cost
• Marketing expenses
• Sales costs including patents and licenses
• Legal expenses

It’s not just about ideas. It’s about MAKING IDEAS HAPPEN.

Let’s Uncover the In-house Genius with QLab!

Tell Us More About Your Idea...

If you need more information about QLab Accelerator program, feel free to send an inquiry to [email protected].