Quantox Technology

Cloud Consulting

Cloud computing - solution for businesses to embrace new digital technologies. 
Quantox, with its cloud consulting team, ensures that you get all-around cloud benefits - optimal performance, cost-effectiveness, high reliability and security, and much more.

How can you benefit from Cloud Consulting?

First of all – consultations for the management. Feel free to ask all important questions and our team will be at your disposal, both on meetings and email correspondence.

If your field of interest is cloud migration, we can design a plan that will focus on business priorities and development potential. The risk management plan will also be covered. Our team will also provide you with explanations of process descriptions and policies that come along with migration.

Part of Quantox Cloud Consulting is also a design of the cloud architecture for applications, data warehouses, CI/CD pipelines, etc. When coding takes place, we can go in the direction of reviewing infrastructure configuration and code check.

If you feel that you need guidance for cloud transformation and knowledge transfer, it can be done regardless of which team it refers to – architects, developers, database & security admins, testers, DevOps engineers.

Our experience of more than 15 years on the IT market and partnership with one of the major cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure will make sure that you enjoy cloud benefits most virtually.