Quantox Technology

Cloud Migration

Are you going on a cloud journey?
Well, you need a plan then.

Cloud Migration is a process of moving digital business operations into the cloud. Maybe it sounds simple, but be sure that you need a proper way for shifting your stack from in-house premises to the cloud. We can help you with that.

Cloud Migration can refer to moving legacy infrastructure or moving from one cloud to another. It requires a lot of preparation and advanced work but it rewards you with cost savings and bigger flexibility. We are offering 5 different options for cloud migration:


It usually comes with the IaaS model and we can recreate your application architecture on new infrastructure.


We reuse already existing code and frameworks and run your applications on our PaaS platform


This strategy can involve partial code rewriting or expanding its base and deployment by rehosting or refactoring


By choosing rebuild, you are choosing complete rewriting and change of overall architecture of the application and running on the PaaS platform. This is an intensive process but it will be productive for developers since they will be able to use modern features.


If you decide to reject old applications altogether and use already built SaaS apps, then Replace can be your option for cloud migration.

It is essential to mention that, besides strategy, the Quantox team can help you integrate with any type of cloud deployment – public cloud, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud. It all depends on the purposes that they can serve and what you want for your business.