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QA and testing

Check-up is Essential

Software testing is an investigation step conducted to provide information about the quality of the software product or service under test.

QA and Testing

Software testing aims to evaluate the quality of the software product and improve it by identifying defects. It does this by running a series of tests against the new product code.

Good software testing strategies for software development should include a range of different types of testing:

Functional testing

Does the software provide the expected functionality? This is the most common form of testing, sometimes referred to as ‘Utility’ testing.

Non-functional testing

This tests all aspects that aren’t related to the expected functionality; it is often a neglected but very important part of the development lifecycle.

Security testing

Is the application secure against external or internal attacks?

Performance testing

Will the application run as fast as expected/required?

Load testing

How does the application perform under continuous load?

Scalability testing

How does it perform under increasing load? Disaster recovery testing: How will the application recover after a disaster?

Disaster recovery testing

How will the application recover after a disaster?

‘Break’ testing

This can be a fun part of software development testing, where you see if you can make the application fail by doing things you wouldn’t expect users to do, e.g., Typing non-alphabetic characters into a ‘Name’ field.

Testing is often sacrificed when there are time or resource pressures, but this adds major risks of disruption to your business. The testing of new software should always be a fundamental part of your software development lifecycle.

The Quantox Way

When the coding is done, our team tests the requirements to make sure that the project is running smoothly. During the test phase, we run different types of functional testing – from unit testing to integration testing, system, and acceptance testing.

Our quality assurance engineers perform this testing in iterations until they solve all imperfections to ensure all features run smoothly and accordingly.