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Developing High-End Software

Market breakthroughs and satisfied users are reachable with a strong strategy and smart digital, cost-effective software solutions

Software Development

Steps to Success

No matter how big your company is, if you want your business to prosper in the IT world, you should pay close attention to software development.

If you want your users to gain all the benefits of the website or application they use, you need a software solution that is extensively functional and well-designed, helping you distinguish yourself from competitors.

High-quality software and application development provides a platform for raising awareness for your brand, boosting your business operations, and increasing customer engagement.

Software Consulting Matters

Getting a valid assessment and information grounded in proven expertise could have great significance if you are in a business dilemma.

Our dedicated team of diverse specialists – from software engineers, software developers, tech leads, designers, product managers, data scientists, and coordinators will give you accurate expert consultations regarding all phases and aspects of software development to ease decision making.

We provide our clients with planning and scoping for the realization of new projects, as well as maintaining and improving existing ones.

• Methodologies (agile, traditional, hybrid…)
• Technologies (desktop, web, mobile, embedded..)
• Functional requirements
• Non-functional requirements (security, scalability, speed, hardware requirements…)

Software development from scratch

We believe in software development that empowers businesses.

All our expertise, experience, and ideas are united in the aim to create transformational value and offer you new business perspectives and web-based solutions that are engaging and highly functional.

We closely listen to our users and clients and combine thorough analysis with leading technologies and innovative approaches in creating unique software solutions from the very beginning.

Development Roadmap

Although the software development process can vary, there are important steps for any software and application development process.

Involving technical requirements and expert knowledge, the software development process also referred to as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), consists of several phases – research, app design, programming, testing and debugging, process and data flow design.


After gathering all requirements, we make a proper plan with a focus on key activities and research insights to reduce possible risks during the production phase.

Requirement Analysis

This step is more known as Requirement Engineering and it is used for defining user expectations for a new or modified product that you want to develop.
We get to know who your end-users are along with defining criteria and methods to transform the needs into high-level product requirements.


We design your story.
Design is not just a code, it is a way to express and show ideas of your software or application appealingly, providing a smooth and relevant user experience.


Transforming the final design into a computer language format, providing high-level operational software.


Quality Assurance (QA) software testing aims to evaluate the quality of the software product and improve it by identifying defects. We conduct different types of testing – functional and non-functional – to fix potential flaws and improve desired outcomes.


Along with delivering software from developers to end-users, the deployment process itself has additional stages for full optimization, security, and compatibility within an IT environment.

Software Development Process

Frontend Development

This is the type of service that allows our developers to be very creative. With the usage of different technologies, the frontend is in charge of building a UI (User Interface) and it is crucial for making your software or app appealing to the end-user. It is very important to have an interface that is aesthetically pleasing and that customers can easily interact with. Our team is focused mainly on the usage of JavaScript technology.

Frontend Development

Backend Development

As part of the software development process, the backend is the code that runs the server. Backend developers are responsible for all the activities that occur when someone is using your website or application. This part of the software development process also uses optimization of data delivery and requires an agile approach.

Backend Development

Mobile Application Development

The development of mobile applications contains an implementation of unique services connected to mobile devices. It can require the organization of code to achieve business logic, interface implementation, and refactoring of the existing code to keep track of the latest technologies in software development. A key goal for software developers is creating mobile apps with deep connections to data that enrich and elevate user experiences.

Business Analysis

This is a No1 discipline in identifying the business needs and providing appropriate solutions. As part of the software development system, business analysis is concentrated on data analysis. Data analysis can be explained as the process of transforming and modeling data that lead you to useful insights. Significant parts of this process are also data integration, warehouse architecture, and implementation as well as report submission.

DevOps Engineering

All processes that your project can have during the Software Life Cycle need to be monitored and balanced with the right methodology. DevOps Engineering conducts those processes through coding and deployment, with maintenance and updates included. DevOps part of software development combines both development and operations and you also need a team with a really wide range of knowledge to perform the DevOps methodology in the right way.

DevOps, a combination of development and operations, is an agile-based approach that brings software development and IT operations together in the design, development, deployment, and support of software.

Tailored To Your Business

Custom software development is a meaningful investment that can help your businesses gain a competitive advantage in the market while increasing overall productivity and efficiency.

Examples of customized software:

• CRM and ERP systems
• Business process automation systems
• Content management systems (CMS)
• Property management systems
• Web and mobile app
• E-commerce solutions

Custom software development is a process of creating custom-made digital solutions, tailored to specific requirements to fulfil clients’ goals.

In the competitive digital world of today, this kind of digital products targets consumer behaviour in a more precise way providing a brand with a platform for direct communication and better customer relations.

Let Your Business Benefit From Custom Software Development

• Get a unique & innovative product
• Scale your organisation better • Increase your return on investment
• Integrate software with other programs
• Receive ongoing technical support
With leading technologies and a team of diverse expertise specialists,
the Quantox team designs custom mobile and web applications that will suit your needs and accelerate quality and efficacy.

Technology Stacks

There is a great expansion in the number and variety of tools and languages available for software development.
Following specific project needs, we choose and propose to you the optimal tech stack.

Quantox's extensive expertise is based on technology stacks





The most used tools by our team

Jira, Confluence, Basecamp, Trello, Asana

GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket…

VS Code, PHP Storm….

The Quantox Way

We are fast, versatile, and reliable.

We use a traditional approach for simple projects where we have extensive domain expertise. For more complex projects, our team delivers an Agile approach which includes cross-functional team cooperation and enables flexible responses to change and continual improvement.

Transparent communication is key.

This kind of trust makes our work easier, and you get a fully dedicated professional team and a high-quality product.