The Winning Story of Hackathon Code 0:32

In cooperation with the Foundation “Register of the National Internet Domain of Serbia” (RNIDS), the Science and Technology Park, and the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak, Quantox Technology successfully organized another competition for young creatives, students of all universities and faculties in Serbia.

From the 18th to 20th of November, the Hackathon CODE 0:32 gathered young people from 17 different cities with a unique goal – programming an application that will ease students’ daily challenges.

The teams were highly motivated and made an effort to show their knowledge and creativity in the best light, and the jury members decided on the three best-placed solutions.

After 32h without sleep – programming, working on the application, and presenting their conceptual solutions, the ALGO_4 team won the competition with their SOS (students to students) application.

Members of the winning team – Milan Balabanović, Marko Vasić, Bogdan Marković, and Nikola Kuzmić summarized their impressions and shared with us their experiences from the first competition they entered together.

How did you find out about Hackathon Code 0:32 and what was the main motivation to sign up?

We heard about the Hackathon Code 0:32 through social networks, and the main motivation was our competitive spirit and the desire to test our knowledge in the best possible We are team ALGO_4 – consists of second-year students at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Novi Sad. Coming from different parts of Serbia and having knowledge in different fields, we tried to make our team complete.

What was your biggest challenge while working on the application? How did you solve it?

The biggest challenge was the process of coming up with the idea that we will develop. Unlike most teams, we came without any premade plan. We spent the first couple of hours rejecting every idea that we could find any flaw in, so in the end, we ended up with two ideas, and our mentor helped us with the final decision. This certainly encouraged the other teams, who had already worked hard to implement their solutions, but it created pressure for us and we succeeded to turn it into something positive.

What would you point out as the greatest value of this competition for you? What new things have you learned?

We came to the competition as a team – gathering together for the first time. One of the most valuable insights for us was that we have put together a great team which can perform well in future competitions. We would stress work under pressure and teamwork as the most valuable skills we acquired during this experience. We also learned that it is very important to set the project structure before starting work.

 How do you see the public presentation part – does it belong to the easier or the harder side of the challenge? Was there any stage fright?

Stage fright was certainly present, but it didn’t stop us from presenting our idea in the best possible way. Preparing the presentation itself was not too big of a problem for us, while on the other hand, public presentation took us out of our comfort zone.

You’ve watched the presentations of other teams during the competition.Did you hope that your solution would be the winning one, and what distinguishes it from others?

As a team without much experience, we followed the presentations of all teams with great attention. The other teams did an excellent job in implementing their ideas and thus kept us on our toes until the winner was announced. It was a pleasure to compete with all of them and we liked the large number of ideas we heard about. However, one small thing that we think distinguished us, is that we have put more focus on students’ problems  – more than just the implementation of the idea.

 What is the next step in the development of your application? Do you plan to continue with further development of the application?

Our next step would be future activities relating to work on the application so that we are able to align it with the obligations at college and other things that we are currently dealing with. As we mentioned, even during the hackathon, we knew that we wanted to continue working on the application because we think that going through the whole process would be of great importance for further development in our careers.