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“Terrific experience. I have hired their programmers multiple times also for pretty complex tasks and they delivered top-quality code. Very communicative, fast responses, honest quotes, and great flexibility.”
Fabio Salvadori
Made In Pluto
“If you are looking for an experienced development company, then look no further - Their team is versatile, with in-depth knowledge of anything related to IT, Development, Design, and technology consulting in general. They always go the extra mile to meet the project requirements and never miss a deadline!”
Chris Proitsis
CRP Ventures Ltd
“My projects are typically complicated and unique. Quantox has done an excellent job. They're great to communicate with and any issues that come up, or tweaks I want to implement as the project develops, they are quick to jump in and resolve for me. I plan to use them for most future projects that I have.”
Pets Universal
“Project completed in the agreed deadline, with desired output based on the provided specification and without any flows or bigger bug issues. Knowledgable and open-minded technical team. They grasped our idea very quickly, initiated great feedback regarding UI/UX improvements, shared valuable ideas on technical improvements and executed on expected level. Daily updated and seamless communication always at the top of the game. Great work!”
Marko Jevtović

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We grasp the challenge, target the essence and make it possible. We generate knowledge, skills, and fresh ideas to spur the world of digitalization.

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More than 15 years in developing cutting-edge digital solutions for global brands in various industries around the globe.


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