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Red Star

FC Red Star is one of the most famous and successful football clubs in Southeastern Europe.

They had a mobile app for their supporters, but they decided it was time to make a brand new, redesigned one-stop-shop for the fans. That’s where we came in, we planned, brainstormed, researched, and finally made a list of features that are most important to the club’s fans, such as posting pictures and videos on a social walls, a quizzes where the fans can test their knowledge about the club and many others. Based on that, we created a new application that was the first on the list of top free sports applications on the Play Store. After the successful release, we continued to improve the application, listening and reading feedback from fans. Since then, we have worked on numerous improvements, but also new interesting features.

Technologies used:

iOS (Swift, CoreData, Facebook iOS SDK, Google Sign in SDK, Google Analytics, Alamofire, SwiftyJSON, Parse Push, Fabric Crashlytics, SDWebImage, IDMPhotoBrowser, PKHUD, SwiftDate, Localize-Swift, Whisper, PinpointKit)

Android (Kotlin, Facebook SDK for Android, Fresco, OkHttp, Fabric Crashlytics, Parse Push, Zxing, Android Target Tooltip, AppIntro, Android Upload Service, Android Segmented Control)

PHP, Laravel, Redis, Vuejs, Firebase, MySQL, Sendgrid, Twilio

Catena Media

Catena Media is one of the fastest-growing lead generation companies in the world.

That being said, the need for developers for their projects is at an all-time high, and as they were unable to meet their software development talent needs they reached out for outside assistance. As we have a wider network and a lot of quality developers that code in different languages, we provided them with multiple teams that are now maintaining the existing web platform, constantly improving it, and including new functionalities and latest technologies.

Technologies used:

PHP, HTML/CSS, Java Script, Redis, MySQL

Belgrade Logo


A unique project where the Belgrade city government issued a request for proposal for a software solution for management and real-time tracking of waste disposal.

The software is primarily intended for the city’s waste management and disposal company Gradska Čistoća, but also for ten additional companies that manage different types of waste.

The main goal is to enable vehicles filled with different kinds of waste to announce their arrival at the biggest waste management facility Vinča, identify the kind of waste they are carrying, the load weight, etc. We also developed an Android mobile app where the drivers can scan a QR code so that Vinča and/or other parties can follow them in real-time via GPS.

Technologies used:

PHP, React, Android


A cross-platform for personalized mathematical learning that has become a standardized online learning tool for educational institutions in 6 countries worldwide with over 500.000 students as users.

From QA to support, layout design, and web development – our team members were involved in and working on every important part of MathemaTIC during the years, developing cross-platform learning tools (PC, Mac, Android, iOS) with a focus on problem-solving skills rather than pure computational ones.

This solution has been carefully developed in four major languages – German, French, Portuguese, and English for international client Vretta. They are more than 20 years dedicated to creating high-quality solutions that are transforming the learning and assessment experience for thousands of students across the world – making these experiences truly engaging and impactful.

Technologies used:



A comprehensive logistics solution and B2B platform created to specifically serve small stores scattered throughout the Nairobi region.

Since retailers in Nairobi region, Kenya, don’t have direct contact with manufacturers or have big storage facilities, daily deliveries are essential. This logistic solution includes a warehouse management system, as well as a system for ordering and delivering products.

The platform allows retailers to purchase foods, pick a delivery location, time, and date, and make a purchase, but also receive orders, assign drivers and collect statistics and feedback all within an Android app and a CMS. Duhqa is one of the fastest-growing companies in the sector and has raised over 2 million USD so far.

Our developers worked on android and web development, delivering exceptional results when creating a large-scale logistics system IT solution.

Technologies used:

Kotlin, React, MySQL, .Net


The consumer-generated online review and primary market research platform employing blockchain technology and advanced data science tools.

Through complete product development, our team has a task to build the world’s fastest, most trusted, and most intelligent market feedback platform.

The solution is based on rewarding users, rebuilding trust in online communities and revolutionizing user control and empowering data ownership.

Technologies used:

PHP, Laravel, NodeJS, React, NextJS, React Native, AWS, Blockchain – Ethereum Solidity, IPFS


High-quality, efficient language learning and testing an advanced technological platform - from individuals to businesses.

This project encompassed the development of 3 different language-based products: language learning, language testing, and language social network apps. 

Solutions are used worldwide starting from Europe, and North Africa to South America and South-East Asia helping different universities and government institutions with their language assessment and providing them with a language learning tool in 25 languages.

Technologies used:

Java, Angular, iOS and Android


The first social media network that allows full transfer of posts with engagement from account to account, from influencers to brands.

Monocle is designed to be a social media network, but with a little bit more artistic freedom. Our developers have the task of creating a platform that allows posts to transfer from account to account and empowers content creators to show and create unique content by giving value to popular quality content no matter how late” they joined the network.

One of the foundational points relating to the platform is a belief that every content creator should own their content, together with the engagement collected over time, and by owning it they can choose to sell it to another user. 

Developed for a public blockchain platform, Monocle gives more value to popular quality content and gives authors more freedom to create more unique quality content.

Technologies used:

React, NodeJS, Rust