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Technology trends brought new business imperatives so companies adopt new digital technologies to get better optimization processes and provide strong, personalized customer relationships. Built IT infrastructure joined with optimized cloud strategy is a key enabler of having a fully successful digital journey.

Infrastructure and Cloud Management Services are smart and proactive ways to successfully manage data, information, and technology. They offer a wide range of services from networking to security, storage, and cloud-based services.

The whole process of hiring a provider with expertise is designed in a way to reach a final goal – finding valuable support to your internal IT department and establishing adequate responsiveness and agile cloud infrastructure management.


Choosing a reliable partner will help you establish a strong foundation for operational efficiency, redesigning the way of managing information technology systems and resources.

KEY Benefits

Hardware Maintenance

Always updated cloud systems





Operational efficiency

Increased customer satisfaction

Our way

Cloud management strategy in a fast, optimized way

At Quantox, for over the past 15 years, we have been actively following technology trends and building reliable teams to deliver to our clients the best cloud management strategy, optimized to their needs and growth. A well-thought-out cloud strategy includes different areas, consulting our DevOps team, consideration of possible data migrations, and building and management of complete infrastructure if needed.

From evaluation to realization, we bring strong support to your business & operational efficiency through essential Cloud and Infrastructure Services.

Increasing competitiveness is a long-term goal. Partnering with a company with proven results in the cloud and infrastructure area can be a wise business decision for reaching this goal during the process of digital transformation.

Best Cloud Platforms joined with an optimized strategy

Quantox is a partner with global platform Microsoft Azure providing our clients cloud computing service which is secure, scalable, and provides high performance-efficient storage services in the cloud.

It comes with strong benefits such as service speed, security, disaster recovery, and great flexibility. Microsoft Azure is available in more than 54 regions and 140 countries and they have done more than 200 cloud services in 2021.

Whether you choose Azure or some other global platform, a strong management strategy is essential for the most valuable results and reduced cost. Increasing competitiveness is a long-term goal.  With strong partners and proven expertise, we deliver strong management strategy and support, helping your business reach this goal during the process of digital transformation.