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In a dynamic business environment, IT support is more than assistance. It is a way to provide more of your time for the core business, save money and prevent risks.

To ensure running their business smoothly, efficiently, and effectively, companies require various types of IT services – from initial setup, installation, and equipment configuration to system maintenance, continual support, monitoring, risk prevention plans, and customer support.

With IT support and services, an organization can realize the full potential of its network and follow best practices for securing its digital assets. What’s more, support systems aim to bridge the gap between customers and companies, resulting in long-lasting customer relations.


IT outages are costly on many levels. Business IT support is more than fixing problems and answering questions. IT support services include optimizing network performance, strengthening customer relations, and providing security.

An expert, versatile and agile service partner will resolve and prevent IT-related issues and ensure the overall stability of the IT infrastructure.

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IT Help Desk Services

Being the first and central point of contact for customers regarding any issue related to clients’ products or services, the IT Help Desk is a support system to strengthen and improve relations between customers and companies.

The primary aim of help desk software is to troubleshoot problems, provide answers to customer questions quickly and effectively, and provide the best possible service experience.

From B2B to B2C, IT Help Desk Services are suitable for different consumer segments, applying a customer-centric approach with the main goal to satisfy customer needs and boost their satisfaction.

Help Desk for MSP

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) has a completely built infrastructure and being your reliable partner in managing network operations, offers support service where clients can report issues and receive help.

The main focus of a help desk is fixing issues, but it should perform several functions for your business – provide a single point of contact with customers, answer questions, free up time and measure customer satisfaction.

A well-run help desk provides workflow guidance that makes solving customer problems quicker and easier. Furthermore, our help desk staff also can recommend a possible solution for the problem at hand as well as a new service or a new approach due to rising needs.

Remote IT Support

Providing a complete or scalable model of IT support allows your company to strengthen your internal teams and integrate additional IT services with your internal processes.

Remote support solutions could mean great efficiency with easy scale-up and down upon requests and an agile team as a backbone.

From quick problem troubleshooting, proactively monitoring equipment performance to disaster recovery and backup site planning, our team will remain by your side with a wide range of technical skills and adequate solutions.

Outsourced IT Support

The main benefits of outsourced IT services include overall cost savings, greater flexibility to scale up, and much lesser chance of outages.

Being a specialized, experienced outsourced partner with completely built infrastructure, we offer round-the-clock coverage, monitoring, and dedicated specialists to cover all IT-related issues in a short-notice period.

Choosing wisely outsourced support results in issues being fixed efficiently, a sense of security, and more time for the core business.

Outsourced Technical Support

Technical support aims to resolve the technical issues of customers, offering support for general issues and problems and escalated technical issues.

The primary job of technical support staff is to help customers solve complex technical problems hence they must have strong tech knowledge. Anything that requires technical supervision or software-related support is included in this kind of support that could be successfully managed remotely with proper specialists and infrastructure.

With our resources, technical support is not limited only to system administration but can also provide support to the systems that we built for you, tailored to your business needs.

Business Process Outsourcing

Technology is moving at top speed and companies need to react fast to the newest trends and challenges. Business Process Outsourcing for additional areas is becoming increasingly more important and a valuable help in building your business story.

Therefore, you should choose video and photo editing or virtual assistance for content creation, data entry, or website administration. This kind of support will reinforce your team, and you will achieve your main business goals more easily and more cost-effectively.

Point of Difference

Quality IT support contains all kinds of processes, resources, and capabilities a business needs to ensure continuous operations in an agile, fast and cost-efficient manner.

We are bringing skills, expertise, technology, processes, and innovation from supporting many operations and could make a point of difference with a significant impact on your overall business.

As your partner, Quantox is ready to get you ahead.